It’s all about (real) love…



What is LOVE? It is a such deeply word if you understand its real meaning. Sometimes you need something more specific to realize that you forgot this. Love can be the best word we use every day, but this will have a real meaning only if we understand it like the most precious feeling on earth.


We are used to take everything like as we deserve it, but we forget to think about the meaning and the reason we have what we have. We became so selfish and trapped in our own business, so that we cannot be happy to help other people spreading our love. We forgot to be a blessing to those around us.


Today, I remembered an old but priceless lesson… It is so important to use our words to bless others and to let our talent to glorify God, through every decision we take and every move we make.


It is a long way to be perfect, but I hope I will always be able to learn my own life lessons and to let my love be a blessing for others. There is no time for hate anymore!


Be blessed!

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