Her Triplets’ Mistletoe Dad – early review


What would you do for your best friend? What would you sacrifice for his well-being?
I love Seth and Gabby’s story. A story in which I felt anchored in reality and put myself in the shoes of the characters.

Seth offered Gabby and her newborn triplets a home. But it wasn’t an easy thing because he was still grieving for his wife and her little girl, whom he could barely hold in his arms before losing her forever.

On the other side is Gabby, who was deceived by the one who had promised to be with her.

Between the pages of this book, I found two people struggling with their own insecurities and problems. Two people for whom their friendship stands above everything, but who enter into a marriage of convenience. Well, I won’t tell you the reason why, because I want you to discover it by yourselves. What I can tell you is that I have lived the story from the first to the last page.

Seth and Gabby have been best friends since childhood. Right now there are two people who appreciate each other and mean a lot to each other. However, this marriage is practical, but is it possible to stay at this level? Will it be enough if both live under one roof and start to feel more for each other?

The story caught on with me and I was sorry I had to close the book after reading the last page. I went through every page with my heart on, thanking Patricias Johns who gave me the opportunity to read the book and share my own thoughts.


Release date: 5 November 2019 and you can find it here:

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